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“My skin is looking better, my acne has definitely already gone down and is looking smoother. I can’t wait for the results after the next session.”

- Courtney, Plason

- Stacey, Cryostar

"I lost 1.25 inches in my stomach and love handle section after one slimming treatment. It was such a pleasant experience and I highly recommend."



Plason uses new, advanced plasma technology to fight active acne, signs of aging, sebum reduction, scar tissue, hyperpigmentation, and dehydrated skin by combined plasma (plasmaporation) and ultrasound (sonoporation) technology. 

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Cryostar uses cold temperatures to slim, tone and lift. Cryostar is able to reduce inches, smooth skin, decrease the appearance of cellulite, and tighten and tone the face without recovery or downtime. 

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